Brockville Lions Steel Band

Brockville Lions Steel Band at Brockville Riverfest 1999
Photo by Inniss Photo Service

The Brockville Lions Steel Band was formed in 1996.  It is the first of its kind in Eastern Ontario.  The band is made up of 28 teenagers from the Brockville area.

The Mission of the band is to provide an educational experience and opportunity for young people to expand their musical horizons, along with creative and artisitc ability within themselves.

The band committee is made up of members of the Brockville Lions Club.  Their jobs range from Managing Director, Treasurer, equipment, bookings, float driver, carpenter and ways and means.  they meet monthly, attend band practices and performances.

Practicing twice a week and performing on an average of three times a month, our band members quickly become proficient at playing their unique instruments.  Performing on their own mobile stage in a parade or setting up in a concert formation, the youth are there to perform and to get the audience involved.  Always ready to discuss their instruments, the audience is encouraged to meet the members and to learn more about this type of instrument and what it takes to play their pieces of equipment.

The versatility of our band members is overwhelming.

This article was taken from the Brockville Lions Club website.

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